Thursday, April 18, 2013

Long Time, No See

Time to resurrect the dead!  I abandoned this blog about 2 yrs ago when my life pace became too "busy" to keep it going.  But over that time, I have missed blogging and would find myself thinking in blog posts!  Well, enough is enough!  I only have enough room for so many voices- time to start writing again. 

I find myself talking with people, particularly busy moms, about couponing, buying organic and prioritizing life.  I love it- it energizes me!  So, I thought I would start this again and share my journey through life and hopefully help a friend or two along the way!

How it works:  Because I tend to write about certain topics, I have days set aside for different ones.  Occasionally, I write just for the fun of writing whatever is on my mind.
Menu Mondays- My menu planning for the week (because our produce is delivered on Tuesdays)
Thrifty Green Thursdays- Little "green" tips or how-tos
Frugal Fridays- Ways to save money.  We live quite well on a small budget, so I like to share how we do it, what great deals I find, plans for our future, etc.

Hopefully as you read through these posts, you find something that will help make your world a little better :)

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