Thursday, August 15, 2013

Starting on Christmas in August

Costco has Christmas decorations out already!  I admit, it is a little too early for Christmas decor but I love Christmas!!!  Every year I get fun ideas for decorating, trees, packages, etc.  I have decided on Denim and Lace for this year.  I'm not a country kind of girl.  In fact, I'm a glitzy, sparkly, girly girl!  But I have pictures of these cutely wrapped packages under my tree.  Just imagine.... You walk into the dimly lit living room, lit only by the lights on the Christmas tree.  Under the tree decorated with children's handprint ornaments, mismatched decor are boxes of all shapes and sizes.  They are wrapped in brown paper from our paper bags, tied with strips of lace. And instead of the traditional name tags, there are are denim pockets with an off-white, aged card tucked in it.  Each card has hand-lettered names.  Oh, it seem so pretty inside my head!

Now for reality! I have lots of brown paper bags under my counter from grocery trips when I forgot my own bags or I bought more than I had bags for.  I also have LOTS of kids jeans that have too many holes, rips, tears to be passed on.  I will just cut out the back pockets.  And probably keep strips of denim just in case I need to make more pockets or use in place of lace.  I don't think the men and boys will appreciate the lace as much as the girls.  The only thing missing is lace!  Thankfully, Michaels has 40% off coupons every week.  A few here and there and, viola, done by November!

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